Equipment Rentals

Vibration Monitors


IGS maintains the largest stock of Instantel rental units in the USA.  We have the equipment to cover your project no matter how large or small. 

Remote Monitoring Systems


Our Remote Monitoring Systems are self contained solar powered systems that are turn-key solutions for your Vibration and Geotechnical Monitoring  needs.

Geotechnical Instrumentation


IGS offers hundreds of  various types of geotechnical instrumentation for your projects. From inclinometers, crack & tilt meters, strain gages, piezometers, extensometers, pressure & load cells, and dataloggers.

Remote Total Stations


Automated Robotic Total Stations offers continous settlement monitoring without the need of having expensive survey crews onsite daily.  They offer round the clock coverage with extreme accuracy, without the human error.

Weather Stations


For tracking weather conditions at your quarry or construction site, or just recording conditions for historic preservation,  IGS custom builds remote weather stations to your needs and specifications.

Cable & Accessories


Custom extension cables, light alarms, industrial computer systems, and solar power stations.